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Date: 13-Jan-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Who is like God ?
Series: Micah   Refs: Micah 1:1-7;Luke 3:15-22
Date: 08-Jan-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Love disciplines and challenges
Series: Transforming News   Refs:
Date: 09-Dec-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Walking in Obedience
Series: Transforming News   Refs: Romans 1:1-7;John 18:33-37
Date: 04-Dec-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Waiting for the coming King
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: 1 Thessalonians 3:6-13;Luke 21:34-36
Date: 27-Nov-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: What is Truth ?
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Rev 1:4-8;John 18:33-end
Date: 25-Nov-2018   Speaker: Bishop Martyn Snow   Title: King and kingdom
Series: General   Refs: John 18:33-37
Date: 18-Nov-2018   Speaker: Derek Leaf   Title: The love of God growing in us.
Series: Transforming News   Refs: Hebrews 4:8-13;Mark 13:1-8
Date: 11-Nov-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Remembrance
Series: General   Refs:
Date: 06-Nov-2018   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Belonging to the Saints
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 04-Nov-2018   Speaker: Jenny Bickley   Title: Selling everything for something of value
Series: For All the Family   Refs:
Date: 16-Oct-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Jesus came to bring freedom and peace
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Galatians 4:28-5:6;Luke 11:27-31
Date: 14-Oct-2018   Speaker: Claire Wood   Title: Getting back on board with God
Series: Sunday Communion   Refs: Amos 3:1-10;Mark 3:13-19
Date: 07-Oct-2018   Speaker: Ali Cayn   Title: Hidden Treasure
Series: For All the Family   Refs: Matthew 13:44
Date: 02-Oct-2018   Speaker: Mike Kinch   Title: Plugged into the Lord through prayer
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Mark 9
Date: 30-Sep-2018   Speaker: Derek Leaf   Title: Being welcoming people (poor quality recording)
Series: General   Refs: Mark 9
Date: 23-Sep-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: The Son of Man
Series: General   Refs: Mark 9
Date: 16-Sep-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: God is the head of the clan
Series: 3 Corinthians   Refs: Ephesians 3:13-21;Luke 7:7-17
Date: 11-Sep-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Following Jesus is costly
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Galatians 6:11-end;Matthew 6:24-34
Date: 09-Sep-2018   Speaker: Sally Bossingham   Title: God's grace all around us
Series: Generous Giving   Refs: John 2:1-11
Date: 02-Sep-2018   Speaker: Colin Wood   Title: Not judging by outward appearance
Series: 2 Corinthians   Refs:
Date: 26-Aug-2018   Speaker: Derek Leaf   Title: Being ministers of reconcilliation
Series: 2 Corinthians   Refs: 2 Corinthians 5:10-21
Date: 21-Aug-2018   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Be ready to be fruitful
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: 2 Corinthians
Date: 19-Aug-2018   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Live by faith not by sight
Series: 2 Corinthiams   Refs: 2 Corinthians
Date: 14-Aug-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: How much are you worth ?
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: 2 Corinthians 4:7-15
Date: 12-Aug-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Jars of clay from messed up lives
Series: 2 Corinthians   Refs: 2 Corinthians 4:7-15
Date: 07-Aug-2018   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: Faith and truth
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: 2 Corinthians 4
Date: 05-Aug-2018   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: Light and resurrected life
Series: 2 Corinthians   Refs: 2 Corinthians 4:1-6
Date: 31-Jul-2018   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Unconditional surrender
Series: 2 Corinthians   Refs: 2 Corinthians
Date: 29-Jul-2018   Speaker: Jenny Bickley   Title: An aroma rising up
Series: 2 Corinthians   Refs: 2 Corinthians 2:
Date: 22-Jul-2018   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Joy and pain in Christian ministry
Series: 2 Corinthians   Refs: 2 Corintians 2:1-14
Date: 15-Jul-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Yes, it's all about Jesus
Series: 2 Corinthians   Refs: 2 Corinthians 1:15-22;Mark 6:14-29
Date: 10-Jul-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Paul tells of his true appointment
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: 2 Corinthians 1:1-7;Mark 6:1-13
Date: 08-Jul-2018   Speaker: Abi Ward   Title: The source of all comfort
Series: General   Refs: 2 Corinthians 1:1-7;Mark 6:1-13
Date: 03-Jul-2018   Speaker: Mike Kinch   Title: Real peace and joy in Jesus
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 01-Jul-2018   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: The beauty of creation (with reading)
Series: All Family Service   Refs:
Date: 24-Jun-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Song of Songs summary
Series: Song of Songs   Refs:
Date: 19-Jun-2018   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: Choosing to love your enemy
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Psalm 51:1-9;Matthew 5:43-end
Date: 17-Jun-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: The Suffering bride
Series: Song of Songs   Refs: tba
Date: 12-Jun-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Song of Songs
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: tba
Date: 10-Jun-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Radical relational love
Series: Song of Songs   Refs: Song of Songs 2:3-13;Mark 3:20-end
Date: 05-Jun-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Good seed - the vision the Kingdom
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: 2 Corinthinans 4:5-end;Mark 4:1-20
Date: 03-Jun-2018   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: Responses to the message of the Good News
Series: All Family Service   Refs:
Date: 29-May-2018   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: Eternal treasure
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 27-May-2018   Speaker: Matt Green   Title: The start of Jesus' ministry.
Series: Trinity Sunday   Refs: Mark 1:1-13.
Date: 22-May-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Pentecost
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 20-May-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Pentecost - do we want it ?
Series: Pentecost   Refs: Ezekiel 37;Acts 2:1-21
Date: 15-May-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Paul saying goodbye to Ephesus
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: tba
Date: 13-May-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: 3 John
Series: Epistles of John   Refs: Isaiah 61:1-11;3 John
Date: 08-May-2018   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: Bad news to Good news
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 06-May-2018   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: The Lost Sheep - separated from God
Series: All Family Service   Refs: