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Date: 10-Nov-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Remembrance Sunday
Series: General   Refs:
Date: 08-Oct-2019   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Let not your hearts be troubled
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 01-Oct-2019   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: The Lord's Prayer - Guidance
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 10-Sep-2019   Speaker: Jenny Bickley   Title: The Bible
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 03-Sep-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Walk in the light
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 25-Aug-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Evangelist
Series: Words Christians Use   Refs:
Date: 20-Aug-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Discernment
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 18-Aug-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Discernment
Series: Words Christians Use   Refs: 1 Corinthians 2:6-16
Date: 13-Aug-2019   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Treasure and greed
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Luke 12:13-end
Date: 11-Aug-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: A Slave of Jesus Christ
Series: General   Refs:
Date: 30-Jul-2019   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Grace and love
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 28-Jul-2019   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Grace
Series: Words Christians Use   Refs:
Date: 23-Jul-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Sharing our personal faith
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Acts 2:42-end;Luke 10:1-11
Date: 21-Jul-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Saved
Series: Words Christians Use   Refs: Acts 2:42-48 ; Luke 10:38-42
Date: 16-Jul-2019   Speaker: Jenny Bickley   Title: Jesus Loves Me
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Ephesians 3:14-19 ; John 3:5-21
Date: 14-Jul-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Sin
Series: Words Christians Use   Refs: Ps 78:56-72;Romans 3:1-8;Luke 10
Date: 09-Jul-2019   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: None beyond hope
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Psalm 17:1-8;Matthew 9:32-end
Date: 07-Jul-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Baptism celebration
Series: General   Refs: Luke 10:
Date: 02-Jul-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Galatians 6
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Galatians 6:11-18;Luke 10:38-42
Date: 30-Jun-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Galatians 6
Series: Galatians   Refs: Galatians 6:11-18
Date: 25-Jun-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Galatians 5
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Galatians 5:16-26
Date: 23-Jun-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Human ways vs God's way.
Series: Galatians   Refs: Galatians 5:13-26
Date: 16-Jun-2019   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: Freedom through faith in Christ alone
Series: Galatians   Refs: Galatians 5:1-5
Date: 11-Jun-2019   Speaker: Mike Kinch   Title: Salvation through faith
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Galatians 2:11-end
Date: 09-Jun-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Sowers and reapers
Series: Galatians   Refs: Matthew 13
Date: 04-Jun-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Law and circumcision
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Galatians 3:10-end
Date: 26-May-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Living under Grace, not under the Law
Series: Galatians   Refs: Galatians 3:9-21
Date: 14-May-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Challenging the Jesus-plus brigade
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Galatians 1:1-17;John 15:9-end
Date: 12-May-2019   Speaker: Jenny Bickley   Title: False teachings and gospels
Series: Galatians   Refs: Revelation 7:9-17;Galatians 1:1-17
Date: 07-May-2019   Speaker: Jenny Bickley   Title: Freedom in Christ
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Ephesians 1:3-14;John 1:16-18
Date: 05-May-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Freedom from the law
Series: For All the Family   Refs: Galatians 5:1-20
Date: 30-Apr-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Grow into maturity
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 21-Apr-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Passover, passion and resurrection
Series: Easter Sunday   Refs:
Date: 16-Apr-2019   Speaker: Jenny Bickley   Title: The mindset of Jesus
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 09-Apr-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: John 8 - The love God has for each of us.
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 07-Apr-2019   Speaker: Colin Wood   Title: Knowing Jesus in Your Life
Series: Here is Love   Refs:
Date: 02-Apr-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Everyday Faith
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 31-Mar-2019   Speaker: Eva Leaf   Title: Everyday Action
Series: Here is Love   Refs: Luke 10:1-25;Luke 10:25-37
Date: 24-Mar-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Everyday Witness
Series: Here is Love   Refs: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13;Matthew 28:16-20
Date: 19-Mar-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Everyday Prayer
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 17-Mar-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Everyday Prayer
Series: Here is Love   Refs: Philemon 3:17-4:1;Matthew 6:5-24
Date: 24-Feb-2019   Speaker: Matt Green   Title: Jesus overcomes the storm of fear
Series: Transforming News   Refs: Luke 8:22-25;Acts 14:8-17
Date: 19-Feb-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Recounting God's faithfulness
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 17-Feb-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Who is a God like you ?
Series: Micah   Refs: Micah 7:14-20;Luke 6:17-26
Date: 12-Feb-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: God's relationship with His people.
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 05-Feb-2019   Speaker: Vanessa Wood   Title: Here is my family!
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 22-Jan-2019   Speaker: Eric Whitley   Title: Jesus - light of the world
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs:
Date: 20-Jan-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Speaking out about injustice
Series: Micah   Refs: Micah 3:1-4:5; John 2:1-11
Date: 15-Jan-2019   Speaker: Jenny Bickley   Title: Judgement and Justice
Series: Tuesday Communion   Refs: Micah 1;1-7
Date: 13-Jan-2019   Speaker: Keith Elliott   Title: Who is like God ?
Series: Micah   Refs: Micah 1:1-7;Luke 3:15-22