At All Saints we seek to be a family church where everyone's gifts and skills are recognised, valued and used for the good of all.

At the heart of our life together is the Bible; we believe it is very relevant and speaks to our lives today.

We believe that God is supernatural and active in the world today and His desire is that His church is naturally supernatural as the Holy Spirit moves amongst us bringing healing and wholeness to our lives and the community in which we live.

We have a wide variety of groups and activities for all ages and as you browse the website we trust that something catches your eye.

If you're new to Loughborough, looking for a church, seeking faith or have questions, it would be great to see you and help you in your journey.

I trust that as you continue to browse you will find our website helpful and informative.

We look forward to meeting you.


What we believe

  • That the bible is the Word of God revealed to humankind. It tells of God"s relationship with man, beginning with His creation of the world to the salvation made available to all through God"s son, Jesus Christ
  • Our relationship with God is at its greatest when we are communicating with Him, accepting His Grace, showing our love.
  • Following Jesus and enabling others to do the same is the heart of our mission. We long to know and experience Him more.
  • Sharing the Good News of Christ"s salvation is brought about through us by the Holy Spirit working in us.