We are really grateful for any financial gifts as they allow us to carry out many activities and ministries that would not otherwise be possible.

You can support our work with monetary gifts in a number of ways, both regularly and occasionally, as detailed on this page;

Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

PGS is our preferred donation method for those who give to the work of the church on a regular basis.

Anyone wishing to make a regular donation, simply registers their details with the Parish Giving administrators. 

This is most easily achieved online here (opens in a new tab)


over the phone by calling 0333 002 1271. (a UK number,  free on many home phone contracts).

Alternatively please collect a form from our Treasurer Colin (pictured below) or from the church office.

You'll need the following details to hand to make the registration;

  • Your own bank details
  • The name of the recipient  (Thorpe Acre, All Saints Church)
  • The PGS code for our church (190619213)
  • To confirm whether you can and wish to Gift Aid the tax already paid on the donation.
  • To confirm whether you wish your gift to be automatically inflation proofed.

If you choose to inflation proof your gift, it will be increased annually in line with inflation, but you will be informed of the amount change before it occurs. 

PGS donations are taken directly from a nominated bank account using a Direct Debit facility which has well proven safeguards built in.

Donate online

Click the graphic below to donate online now. This is ideal solution if you're just visiting us and want to donate to our Church work by Credit or Debit card. Have your card details to hand.All donations are handled by our payments partner Give A Little.

Standing Order

This method of donation is also most appropriate for those giving regularly to the work of Thorpe Acre Church, but is sometimes preferred by donors.

To use this method, you will need to contact your bank either in person, by phone or online to create a new Standing Order from your account.  You will be able to specify the amount and frequency of the donation.

In order to set up the Standing Order, you will need to contact our office (see bottom of the page) to get the details required for the church's bank account to which payments will be made.

With this method, although we can recover tax paid on donations (through the completion of a Gift Aid Declaration), it is a more labour intensive and a less efficient for us compared to PGS.

Offertory plates gifts

As a Church we have chosen not to "pass a collection plate" amongst the congregation during Church services. Instead,  offertory plates can be found near the entrances/exits for use by visitors wishing to support our work.  Cash or cheque donations can be made by leaving the donation in the plate.  This is ideally suited to one-off gifts.

If you are a tax payer, there are special envelopes for your gift, with a form attached to complete which will allow us to reclaim the tax paid on the donation making any gift worth 25% more.

For those giving regularly via the offertory plate, we recommend signing a Gift Aid declaration (available from the church office), which is a more efficient way for us to record the Gift Aid.

As a charity we are able to recover tax paid on donations, provided we know the amount donated and the details of the person who has already paid the tax on that donation.  So for anyone (church member or visitor) giving a donation either as a one-off or regularly, we encourage the completion of a Gift Aid form enabling us to recover the tax. Gift Aid

Raise funds when shopping online

If you shop online, then you can make donations to Thorpe Acre, every time you make a purchase by buying through Easyfundraising.  There's no extra cost to you and loads of online retailers are signed up.  Click the graphic to sign up or sign in when making your online purchases.

The Church operates as a charity, registered with the UK Charities Commission and our Parochial Church Council members are trustees of the charity.   (Registered Charity No 1135035).