Church Services - Easter 2021 update

(NB Different policies relate to Weddings in our Church - details of which are given here)

Easter Plans 2021

As we approach our second Easter under lockdown, we have had to be creative in what we offer to mark this key point in the Christian year. Read on to find out the range of services and other events aimed to provide support for all of our congregation and to welcome those who join us as visitors.

1. Tak for Easter (from Maundy Thursday)

Imagine that they had mobile phones in first century Palestine and an imaginary video blogging app called 'Tak' was all the rage. Familiar characters and ones you might have overlooked give their point of view and build up a picture of events as they happen. We have already published an introductory video on YouTube and further episodes will go live every three hours from 6pm on Maundy Thursday until 3pm on Good Friday (and, yes, an extra bit of news at 6am on Easter Day). We don't expect you to watch them as they go live but encourage you to subscribe to our channel and catch up frequently.

2. At the Cross (Good Friday, noon - 3pm)

Come and join a three hour vigil via Zoom (details available from the office later this week), timed to run alongside the last three hours Jesus spent on the cross. It will be largely silent with short reflections and new suggested readings flagged up every half hour. You can drop in for a few minutes or come for the full period. If you are connecting from a quiet location, you might want to leave your microphone and camera live as a gesture of joining together with other participants and those faithful disciples who stood at the foot of the cross but this isn't compulsory (we will ask you mute if you have a lot of background noise).

3. Easter Day at Thorpe Acre Church (9:30am)

We can't yet sing together, loudly proclaim our praise or mingle at all inside. However, we are able to offer a short service at the church for those who would particularly value this or find online activities difficult. Please book with the church office as soon as possible this week and bring a mask or face-covering unless you have told us about an exemption.

4. Easter Day on YouTube (10am)

Our morning service on YouTube will be similar to the live service and will go live a little earlier than normal. From your home, you will be able to join in the acclamations of Easter praise and we will also include some Easter music. You will find it in at the top of our Services and Messages playlist.

5. Easter Day Celebration with Holy Communion (10:30am)

Our main service for Easter Day will be conducted via Zoom (details available from the office later this week). Rev Eric Whitley will lead us in communion and you can have bread and wine ready at home if you want to follow along in solidarity. We will endeavour to publish a recording from this event onto the Services and Messages playlist later in the afternoon.

After Easter, we will continue to provide online services via YouTube each Sunday at 10:30am but intend to resume our Tuesday morning services at the church from 13 April. For more information on any of these services and to book in for live services, please contact the church office on 01509 236789 or by emailing

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As a church we  remain available to all those seeking spiritual guidance or help.

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If you wish to speak to the Diocesan Safeguarding Team, or to someone outside Thorpe Acre church, their contact details are available at this location on the Diocese website.


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